Benefits of listening to music

Music form a connection between human beings, it has also been proven that it helps in boosting one’s physical health and mental well-being. Listening to music thus has several benefits.



1. Music elevates our moods
Listening to music stimulates the brain releasing dopamine and serotonin hormones that make us feel happy thus brightening our moods. It also diverts the mind from emotional distresses and this puts the mind at ease and minimizes the stresses. Music also improves our driving mood which leads to safer driving as opposed to when driving not listening to music.


2. Music enhances learning and memory
It has been proven that by listening to music one is able to recall information easily. Research carried out showed that both musicians and non-musicians were able to learn better by listening to neutral and positive music.


3. Music decreases depression
Sleep researchers found out that most of the depression symptoms were reduced greatly in patients who listened to classical music.


4. Music improves sleep
Research showed that people who listen to classical music before sleeping slept better as compare to those who never listened to music at all. Music also minimizes on sleeping problems if one is suffering from insomnia.


5. Music improves health
By listening to music one can greatly reduce the levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. Music makes you feel relaxed. Research conducted also showed that people who participated in creating music either by singing or playing instruments boosted their immune system.


6. Music improves running performance
Studies show that runners who listen to motivational music or fast music while running tend to run faster as compared to runners who listen to slow music or no music at all.


7. Music reduces motion sickness
Listening to music has been known to be a therapeutic measure to reduce motion sickness such as nausea which is caused by traveling. This is by diverting your mind and putting it more at ease.


8. Music helps to relax and relieve pain in patients
Studies show that music is  used to relax patients before and after surgery. It has been proven that music helps to decrease anxiety before surgery and it has a soothing effect on patients during surgery. Another research showed that listening to soothing music after open heart surgery help to increase relaxation. While another study showed that music, most especially meditative music, classical or the patient’s favorite music help to reduce pain especially in geriatric patients and intensive care patients.