How to Play the Piano?

The piano is a distinctive and fascinating instrument. Some people might think that it is really hard to master in piano songs and need much time to perfect your skills in piano, but it’s not entirely true. You can easily perfect your piano skills in a matter of days by following skills.

Major Keys

You will have to understand the complicated keys if you are willing to play the piano and understand the way of music you hear with your ears. Few minorities use this technique but it is helpful and may provide you understanding in the future. If you want to learn the major keys easily you will have to learn them by giving numbers. Like the number 1 is assigned to C. Doing this technique will help you make larger and easy learning songs. As an order of the major keys arranged in like D C E D E can help you make a great song.


Songs are occasionally arranged of development of chords. You will understand them in different ways but the chord is mostly contained with an equal interlude. Understanding the major keys that contain the chords is pivotal when you are writing the song by ear. So, understand how to write the simple chords and learn that where are they situated on the piano. Start learning the chords to acquaint with the sound of them so that you understand them. Who cares if you don’t know the chord name, the real recognition comes from the sound. This will help you to understand the higher sounds or low sounds of the chords and then you will know where they are situated.


Every song contains tuneful orders. Chords may start again and again in a constant knock or like a rhyme. If you understand the patterns or chord development that you understand it is really simple to write a song that you hear. This will provide you help in order to understand which chord should be placed with the others. This makes you hear how tunes or commencement are created, which will make you write your own.


Understand the chords. Then do humming and try to copy the song on the piano. Pick a song that you understand and do the techniques you have heard. If you want to become a professional then you will have to play the piano more than three times a week.