Songland Is The New Hit Music Show

If you’re a fan of music reality TV shows, then NBC’s new hit show “Songland” will be something you won’t want to miss. It has a fresh new perspective on music that American Idol, The Voice, and other music reality shows can’t compare to.

Adam Levine – Producer of Songland

It’s Not About the Singer, It’s About the Song

Unlike American Idol and The Voice, Songland isn’t about the vocals of the person standing with the microphone.  It’s about the person who wrote the song with the hopes of having a famous artist cutting a record with them.

Four song writers enter the studio for the featured artist in the episode, and they perform a song they have written in hopes that the artist will choose their song to cut a record on their upcoming album.  Three out of the four contestants will be chosen after round 1 to work with world famous producers who have worked with artists like Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, Niki Minaj, Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, and Lady Antebellum, to name a few.

The judges will go into the studio with the three songwriters that have been chosen to improve the song and make changes that they think the artist will love.  You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the collaborative work and brainpower that is involved in creating a hit song that people will be singing for years.

Once the song has been polished to perfection, the three songwriters will sing one more time in front of the judges and the featured artist.  This is their last chance to prove to the artist that their song deserves to be the next hit on their album.  After hearing all three songs, it’s up to the artist to decide which one he or she will want to cut a record with.

The most notable artists to appear on Songland have been Macklemore, Will. I. Am, Meghan Trainor, John Legend, and the Jonas Brothers. Each with their own style and direction in music, these artists will help put the spotlight on struggling songwriters who are looking to catch their big break.

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Benefits of listening to music

Music form a connection between human beings, it has also been proven that it helps in boosting one’s physical health and mental well-being. Listening to music thus has several benefits.



1. Music elevates our moods
Listening to music stimulates the brain releasing dopamine and serotonin hormones that make us feel happy thus brightening our moods. It also diverts the mind from emotional distresses and this puts the mind at ease and minimizes the stresses. Music also improves our driving mood which leads to safer driving as opposed to when driving not listening to music.


2. Music enhances learning and memory
It has been proven that by listening to music one is able to recall information easily. Research carried out showed that both musicians and non-musicians were able to learn better by listening to neutral and positive music.


3. Music decreases depression
Sleep researchers found out that most of the depression symptoms were reduced greatly in patients who listened to classical music.


4. Music improves sleep
Research showed that people who listen to classical music before sleeping slept better as compare to those who never listened to music at all. Music also minimizes on sleeping problems if one is suffering from insomnia.


5. Music improves health
By listening to music one can greatly reduce the levels of cortisol which is the stress hormone. Music makes you feel relaxed. Research conducted also showed that people who participated in creating music either by singing or playing instruments boosted their immune system.


6. Music improves running performance
Studies show that runners who listen to motivational music or fast music while running tend to run faster as compared to runners who listen to slow music or no music at all.


7. Music reduces motion sickness
Listening to music has been known to be a therapeutic measure to reduce motion sickness such as nausea which is caused by traveling. This is by diverting your mind and putting it more at ease.


8. Music helps to relax and relieve pain in patients
Studies show that music is  used to relax patients before and after surgery. It has been proven that music helps to decrease anxiety before surgery and it has a soothing effect on patients during surgery. Another research showed that listening to soothing music after open heart surgery help to increase relaxation. While another study showed that music, most especially meditative music, classical or the patient’s favorite music help to reduce pain especially in geriatric patients and intensive care patients.


How to Play the Piano?

The piano is a distinctive and fascinating instrument. Some people might think that it is really hard to master in piano songs and need much time to perfect your skills in piano, but it’s not entirely true. You can easily perfect your piano skills in a matter of days by following skills.

Major Keys

You will have to understand the complicated keys if you are willing to play the piano and understand the way of music you hear with your ears. Few minorities use this technique but it is helpful and may provide you understanding in the future. If you want to learn the major keys easily you will have to learn them by giving numbers. Like the number 1 is assigned to C. Doing this technique will help you make larger and easy learning songs. As an order of the major keys arranged in like D C E D E can help you make a great song.


Songs are occasionally arranged of development of chords. You will understand them in different ways but the chord is mostly contained with an equal interlude. Understanding the major keys that contain the chords is pivotal when you are writing the song by ear. So, understand how to write the simple chords and learn that where are they situated on the piano. Start learning the chords to acquaint with the sound of them so that you understand them. Who cares if you don’t know the chord name, the real recognition comes from the sound. This will help you to understand the higher sounds or low sounds of the chords and then you will know where they are situated.


Every song contains tuneful orders. Chords may start again and again in a constant knock or like a rhyme. If you understand the patterns or chord development that you understand it is really simple to write a song that you hear. This will provide you help in order to understand which chord should be placed with the others. This makes you hear how tunes or commencement are created, which will make you write your own.


Understand the chords. Then do humming and try to copy the song on the piano. Pick a song that you understand and do the techniques you have heard. If you want to become a professional then you will have to play the piano more than three times a week.

How to Create a Song Melody

A melody consists of a development of voice by taking steps. They are the piece of music which can be sung by a voice. It is a real sound part that brightens up all the hidden parts and elaboration. A song can’t be created without a melody. By some exercises and training, it will be easier for anyone to write a melody for its song.


If you want to write a melody you will first have to learn the beginners and common practice of Music types and theories. In order to write a melody, you will develop a sense that what sound depends on the time and which line. This type of knowledge must be understood by a melody writer, if you don’t understand it then you will have to read books.

Form of Song

The song in music can be of different types like gender. Different types of music are dependent on different situations of time, face, set and shape. Everybody is used to the explanation of famous music with its meaning of refrain and poetry but it doesn’t mean that you must write a melody according to this concept.

Category Deliberation

Few categories of Music have a unique system to them and if you want to gain that voice, you will have to write your melody in a unique way. Get the concept of a category of music that you want to write before writing. In order to find that there are particular functions of that category, according to the concept, solution, and development.


It happens that the person who is singing your category of music will need a small bra to peek at a few points. The hands of the musician will have to take some nap and the singer will have to rest out. It should be understood that how writing a melody works and on which moments you put a break for the singer. All lines should be of eloquence and of fluency that every bigger part has a small break at the end for the musician.

Favorite Songs

If you want to help yourself in writing a melody for your song then you will have to write a song that is of a commendable quality which admires you, hence, they are your favorite songs. Grab some great melodies that you like and listen to them. Write the melodies according to your taste.

What Makes Music an Important Part of Your Workout

Did you know that killer beats can do so much more than just make you bust out some never before seen dance moves in the middle of your gym? That’s right! Your favorite songs have a big effect on your performance during a workout session, and we mean this in the best way possible.

There is a good reason why many running races and marathons have banned music. This is especially true for professional runners, or pretty much anyone else who is going for that first place. Music doesn’t just give you a competitive edge during a grueling workout session, but it can save your sanity as well.

Now, let’s be real for a minute here, shall we? In order to make a workout session more fun, most people reach out for a good music playlist. Music can really motivate you during a grueling workout, and the best thing about all this is the fact that science has actually confirmed this to be true.

Listening to your favorite songs is a great way to stay on track, and it can give you all the motivation that you need in order to reach your fitness goals – and much more than that.  Whether you’re working out in the gym, or moving heavy furniture with Good Green Moving, music can improve performance and make the task more enjoyable.

With that said, here are some reasons why you should crank that music up during your next workout session!

Music Can Improve Your Coordination

If you think that you have to dance to the beat of your favorite song, you’re wrong. Regardless of what type of movement you use, music significantly improves your coordination, and the way it does it is by encouraging you to move rhythmically.

Listening to good music can increase the electrical activity inside your brain, thus improving your coordination. This is exactly why a good music playlist makes a gym session easier to follow. A human body naturally wants to move at the exact same moment the beat drops.

It Can Boost Your Mood

A good music playlist can boost your mood and get you ready to destroy the competition. Although the volume and tempo both affect how you perform during a workout session, how the music makes you feel is much more important than that. Music can be incredibly powerful sometimes.

Music Will Get You Out the Door

Don’t feel like going to the gym today? Then it’s time to tune into your favorite song. Music will give you all the motivation you need to exercise.

Top 4 Health Benefits of Listening To Music

Benefits to Listening to Music

When you are feeling sad or angry, or when you just want to improve your mood a little bit, one of the best ways to relax is to put on a pair of headphones and tune into your favorite music. Studies have shown that music helps you relax and fend off depression. But did you know that music has some significant health benefits as well? That’s right! Listening to music is a good way to improve your blood flow, as well as to lower the levels of cortisol – which is a stress-related hormone – in your body. Music can also help you get rid of physical pain.

By listening to music just before a surgery, you help improve a post-surgery outcome. On top of that, listening to music can make us feel a wide variety of emotions, but it all depends on what type of music you listen to. These emotions include joy, sadness, and even fear. Some people believe that music can move us as well. Listening to fast music can increase your breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate, while listening to slow music usually has a completely opposite effect. That being said, here are top four health benefits of listening to music that you should not ignore!

Eases Pain

Of course, listening to music can make you feel better and all that, but did you know that it can also help you get rid of physical pain? Yes, you read that right! Some studies show that patients who listen to music before, during, or after a surgery usually feel less pain and are more satisfied with results.

Improves Memory

Listening to music can improve your memory. Repetitive elements of rhythm and melody help your brain form a pattern that enhances your memory. Music has helped many stroke survivors experience less confusion and more verbal memory. Amazing, isn’t it?

Destroys Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks every now and then? Don’t know what to do? Well, here is something you could try. Put on a pair of headphones and tune into your favorite music. It should help you rest and relax, and it should almost completely destroy your anxiety as well.

Provides Comfort

For quite some time now, music has been used to help enhance communication between human beings. The way music does this is by providing comfort to people who are too shy or scared to talk to those around them. Also, listening to music can make patients who are suffering from a serious illness feel better.